Friends Kinderhilfe International e.V. was founded in 1994 by dedicated parents under the name ‘Sunil´s Friends Kinderhilfe Sri Lanka e.V.’. Founders of the organization are adoptive parents of children from Sri Lanka and Sunil Wettimuny, a dedicated Singhalese who helped  start the first children aid project in Sri Lanka.


In the same year the organization was registered in Oldenburg as non-profit association and has addressed the task to give abandoned and poor children and orphans in Sri Lanka a better life.


As at that point of time the organizational structures were too small to work independently in Sri Lanka, Sunil’s Friends were managed from 1996 until 2004 by the Norwegian children aid organization „Marys Friends Foundation“ in Sri Lanka.


In March 2003 our present chairwoman Mrs. Sylvia Merkle emigrated to Colombo to assist the activities on site and in view of the big number of children in need in Sri Lanka, she has decided to further develop and increase the organization.


Since May 17, 2004 Friends Kinderhilfe International e.V. has been registered in Sri Lanka with a base in Colombo and a project office in the South of Sri Lanka.


The Tsunami in December 2004 has made our activities on site even more important than before. Many of our projects and initiatives have begun during the start-up phase after the Tsunami and are being attended by us still today. Thanks to the long-term dedication of our staff members and our loyal members, who helped us to turn the originally private parents initiative into an efficient children aid organization, we could pass through this proud development. Today we are an esteemed co-operation partner in Sri Lanka of the GTZ (company for technical co-operation), the THW (agency for technical relief Germany), the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe (first aid organization), World Vision Lanka, the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress etc.


Since September 20, 2006 we have been registered under the new name ‘FRIENDS Kinderhilfe International e.V.’


  The development of Friends Kinderhilfe International e.V. – a pleasant process and success – is not only due to our local staff members on site, but also to the loyal members, sponsors and patrons of our association.