Our Organization

FRIENDS Kinderhilfe International e.V. has addressed the heed „friend“ for children in Sri Lanka who need our help to give them a chance of a better future. As registered non-profit association we are getting involved with a manageable and transparent organization helping children to find a home, but primarily a life with promising prospects


Our Engagement

FRIENDS would like to be a „good friend” of the smallest and weakest in Sri Lanka. For years we have been getting involved on the spot offering lasting programs and projects to support education and training of street children and orphans as well as children of poor families. Oriented to the demands of children we strengthen our efforts in order to offer children in the third world country Sri Lanka a future.


Our Focus

The aim of our engagement is to give children in Sri Lanka a chance to a better liveable future. This can only be achieved by better education. With the focus on educational support, specialized to Sri Lanka, we therefore since many years have been assisting and providing lasting programs and projects to support education and training of children in need.


Our Projects and Programs

Education is one of the most important pre-conditions for a healthy community and clears the way for „help to self-help”. All our educational programs concentrate, next to a better schooling, mainly on the strenghthening of the children’s position in the community. Hereby the sustainability of our activities is particularly important to us. In addition to educational and training projects our activities focus also on the support of  children in need within the framework of our sponsorship program.