FRIENDS-Sponsorship for Children

FRIENDS become FRIENDS – Become now sponsor of a child at FRIENDS!

The FRIENDS-sponsorship program offers future prospects to disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka and provides, besides direct financial support to secure the subsistence of orphans and children of poor families, mainly their education and training. As a partner for education of children living in socially disadvantaged conditions in Sri Lanka, we support the children within the framework of the FRIENDS- sponsorship program additionally by individual support or group support. Focussing on educational support we give – also in the field of sponsorship – development aid in the true sense of this idea and provide help to self-help. From „friend to friend“, by an individual sponsorship of a child at FRIENDS, you have the opportunity to provide assistance in the most direct and personal way. In a transparent organization we take personally care of your foster child on site and secure by your support the subsistence and the education of the child. By regular reports on the development of your foster child you gain insight in the living conditions of the child. Furthermore you have the chance to establish personal contact with your foster child. With a FRIENDS-sponsorship you become a true friend of your foster child.