Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development at FRIENDS-Kindergarten- and Preschool Programs


The first years in the life of a child are crucial for further development. Therefore we campaign for children in Sri Lanka, mainly children of socially disadvantaged groups, the chance of a qualified pre-school education so that they have a good foundation towards their further education. So far pre-school education in Sri Lanka does not have a sufficient standard. But by intense lobby work of the aid organizations in Sri Lanka meanwhile curricula and regulations for preschools appropriate for children have been implemented.

In addition to their official training as a teacher the teachers in our FRIENDS- facilities get an internationally accepted training in the methods of Maria Montessori. Therefore FRIENDS Kinderhilfe International e.V. with our ‚Frangipani preschools’  is a pioneer in the field of preschool education in several regions of Sri Lanka forming a constant in this field with many compliments of the Sri Lanka Ministry of Education.

Seenimodara1  Pulopallai Pre School Jan 2014 (75) Pulopallai Pre School Jan 2014 (78)  Pathirajagama Pre School Jan 2014 (6)