Dear reader,


We see the catastrophes in the world, they come and go. The catastrophes in the souls of children in need, however, remain mostly for their whole life.


In a country shaken by catastrophes like Sri Lanka, which has been afflicted by a civil war during decades and whose infrastructure was destroyed by the Tsunami in December 2004 in many parts, mainly the weakest of the community, i.e. the children, need our particular support.


In view of this FRIENDS Kinderhilfe International e.V. would like to be good friend with the smallest and weakest in Sri Lanka. For many years FRIENDS has been involved on site and has been offering programs and projects to support education and training of street children and orphans, as well as children of poor families. Education is one of the most important pre-conditions for a healthy community and clears the way for “help to self-help.”.


Do not look away – help us to be our small friends in Sri Lanka a true friend. Become also a “friend” at FRIENDS, so that by our investment in their education these children have a chance to move away from poverty.


Your Karin Tietze-Ludwig




FRIENDS Kinderhilfe International e.V.