Dear members, sponsors and friends of FRIENDS Kinderhilfe International,


Do you remember almost two years ago when we published pictures of a new project that needed your support?


We planned to build an institution where Kilinochchi children of kindergarten age get care and early support. Kilinochchi is an impoverished  area that has been destroyed by the civil war. At that stage we had not yet realized the immensely demanding work ahead of us. All the more we are happy to present you pictures of the successful completion and opening of the “PEARL Early Childhood Development Center”.  We hope you enjoy our picture gallery as well as reading our newsletter 03/2013.


Warm greetings from the team of  Friends


Kinderhilfe International e.V.


Project Work in Sri Lanka – Help for Kilinochchi
Completion and opening of the Early Childhood Development Centers in August 2013


Bild Kilinochchi


News from the Projects in Sri Lanka
Art Exhibition at the FRIENDS Preschool in Seenimodara in August 2013
Art as part of the education is of great significance within the FRIENDS preschools. It is important to strengthen the children’s creativity and motoric skills. One of the greatest inducements has always been our annual “Art Exhibition” with this year’s theme “Handicraft”. Full of motivation, seventy children accomplished impressive and adorable works of art. More than 500 people visited the exhibition after it was musically opended by the children themselves. Everybody admired the lovingly designed exhibits of hand-painted pottery, different animals, and flowers.



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